The goal of this exhibition is to create awareness about what is happening in the Arctic and to show it's impressive splendour. Let your imagination take you into the Icy shapes, texture and pure beauty from nature's coldest form, to reveal their stories.

The photographs were made in Greenland during the summer of 2006, as part of two complete series about the Inuit and the Ice. Especially the Ice series makes one realise the impact of global warming on the Greenland Ice cap melting.


With great pleasure I like to announce the publication of my first photobook by Albelli.

Greenland - One picture says more than thousand words

The book is presented at the same time as the exposition in the famous Selexyz Scheltema bookstore in Amsterdam.
The exposition willl be held during the month of April 2011.

You can order the book in A-4 format (28x21cm) for € 29,95 or A-5 format (20x15 cm) for € 18,95.
The book is published in high gloss quality and made by Albelli.
ISBN: 978-90-817087-1-5
You can have preview of the book via the following link of Albelli

Agenda 2011
February and March: Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen and Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
April: Bookstore Selexyz & Scheltema, Amsterdam
May-July: Abelli / Albumprinter in the Hague

Agenda 2010
15 november - 15 januari 2011: Poolnacht in Groningen. Dit evenement gaat over de poolgebieden.
Ter gelegenheid hiervan exposeert Simone Scholtens met foto's over de klimaatverandering in de Poolcirkel. Op de volgende locaties in Groningen zijn haar foto's te bekijken: de Gasunie, de Openbare Bibliotheek, boekhandel Selexyz Scholtens en koffie & kunstwinkel mijnps. (download aanplakbiljet).

Agenda 2009
November: exposition and presentation at Theodoor Gilissen Bank Amsterdam
December: exposition and presskitmaterial for the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Agenda 2008
February - March: Air France Headquarters - Paris
April - June: City Council - Amsterdam, 4 April opening was held by Ronald Prins of the Council of Amsterdam and Fred Ravoo of the Dutch Railways
July - August: Ministry VROM - The Hague, 7 July opening was held by Jacqueline Cramer, Minister of VROM
September - October: City Council - Rotterdam